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People often inspect others’ Lexington County criminal records for various reasons, mostly for safety. Evaluating an individual’s criminal history can provide insight into their background and potential risk.

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Regional Lexington County Sc Criminal Records Databases

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
205 E Main St Rm 107 Lexington, SC 29072
Web Lookup
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magistrate Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
139 E Main St, Ste B Lexington, SC 29072
Web Lookup

Lexington County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD)
521 Gibson Rd, Lexington, SC 29072
Phone: (803) 785-8230
Inmate Inquiry
Public Records
Sex Offenders

City of Columbia Police Department
2123 Devine St, Columbia, SC 29205
Phone: (803) 545-3500
Public Data

Lexington County Court Records

Everyone can access court records, though some might be sealed or publicly unavailable in Lexington County SC. To retrieve criminal information from court records:
Visit the court’s office or its website. Many courts have online databases where you can browse using the case number, name, or date. If the database isn’t online, directly calling the court can help you gain access.

Lexington County Police Records

To conduct a Lexington County criminal history check using police records, you can:

  • Request the records from the arresting law enforcement agency.
  • Get records from the court that oversaw the prosecution.
  • Usage state online databases that allow criminal record searches.
  • Many police records are private and unavailable because there could be sensitive information or an ongoing case.

Arrest History

The Lexington County sheriff maintains records of arrests in their jurisdiction. To access them:

  • Check the sheriff’s website or call the records department.
  • Be sure to have the name and birth date of the person of interest.

Inmate Lists

For additional insights into someone’s Lexington County criminal history, prison and jail inmate records are helpful. Remember that these records will show arrests (jails) and convictions (jails and prisons).

Criminal Record Categorizations:


Infractions are minor violations in Lexington County SC, like running a stop sign or speeding. Although not extreme criminal offenses, they can result in fines and driving record points.


Criminal records will feature Lexington County misdemeanors, which can be visible to searchers doing background checks; how much weight they put on it will depend upon the violation’s gravity. While misdemeanors are less severe than felonies, punishable by fines or time in jail, they can still influence your everyday life.

Lexington County Felony Records

Felonies in Lexington County SC cover a series of major criminal offenses, from rape and murder to robbery and theft.

Records of Sexual Offenders In Lexington County

Sex offender registries reveal individuals convicted of sexual offenses, allowing the general public to identify sex criminals in Lexington County SC.
These registries generally note the offender’s name, address, criminal history, and photograph. The surge in sex-related offenses prompted the production of such registries, allowing police to keep track of and inform the public about sex offenders’ whereabouts.

Dwi And Dui Incidents In Lexington County

While most states including Lexington County SC categorize DUIs as misdemeanors, certain DUI offenses can be considered felonies, depending upon the seriousness and the offender’s previous criminal record.

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