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The significance of examining an individual’s Horry County criminal history before dealing with them or allowing them into our circle can not be overemphasized.
It’s an essential step to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones. Several approaches exist to investigate criminal history. A prevalent approach is to Google the person’s name, possibly revealing news articles or related details about them. While this can yield important insights, working with public and court documents is suggested. They can provide arrest and conviction details specific to your and other regions.

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Regional Horry County Sc Criminal Records Databases

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
1301 2nd Ave Conway, SC 29526
Web Lookup
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magistrate Court (Misdemeanor, Ordinance)
1201 3rd Ave Conway, SC 29526
Web Lookup

Horry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO)
1301 2nd Ave, Conway, SC 29526
Phone: (843) 915-5450
Public Information
Inmate Booking
Daily Bookings & Releases
Sex Offenders

Myrtle Beach Police Department
1101 N Oak St, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Phone: (843) 918-1300
Public Information

Horry County Court Records

Court records can provide a treasure trove of data pivotal for a Horry County criminal record search. They can confirm if somebody has been convicted of criminal activity and provide information on ongoing criminal processes.

Horry County Police Records

If you want to confirm your Horry County criminal history or have a legitimate reason to access police records, work with the police responsible for the arrest.

Arrest History

Multiple avenues exist to get public arrest records. One can either request arrest reports from the local Horry County sheriff or browse public record databases online. However, remember that certain records might be sealed or expunged.

Inmate Lists

Inmate records in Horry County SC provide information about people after a conviction; this involves sentence length, prison or jail location, mugshots, etc.

Criminal Record Categorizations:


Infractions in Horry County SC represent instances where an individual has violated a basic law. These range from small offenses like traffic violations to parking tickets. Normally, a judge reviews infractions, determining the individual’s guilt and implementing fines.


Horry County misdemeanors, considered less severe than felonies, typically lead to penalties like county jail sentences, probation, and fines. Typical misdemeanors include petty theft, vandalism, disorderly behavior, and public intoxication.

Horry County Felony Records

Felony convictions carry heavy implications, from prison time and loss of particular rights to an irreversible criminal record. In some jurisdictions, felonies likewise lead to the loss of voting rights.

Records of Sexual Offenders In Horry County

Most people are uninformed of sex offenders residing in their Horry County neighborhoods. Utilizing the National Sex Offender Registry, managed by the U.S. Department of Justice, can assist you in recognizing any neighboring. This free-to-access platform notes convicted U.S. sex offenders and permits searches by name, address, or postal code.

Dwi And Dui Incidents In Horry County

In Horry County SC DUI charges can be classified as either misdemeanors or felonies based on the driver’s blood alcohol level, previous DUI convictions, and the seriousness of any resulting damage.
Misdemeanor DUIs, frequently handed to first-time offenders or those with low BAC can lead to penalties like license suspension, obligatory alcohol education, and community service.
On the other hand, felony DUIs are issued to repeat offenders or those causing substantial harm or death. Such convictions can result in jail/prison time, significant fines, and long-term license revocation.

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