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Courts in South Carolina are obligated to keep records of all its courtroom proceedings. All hearings, judgments, and acts of the court are going to be retained to permanent documentation. These are court records.

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Supreme Court
Supreme Court Cases for Hearing –

Court of Appeals
Court of Appeals Roster of Cases for Hearing –

Circuit (Types of Court Records – Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Small Claims, Juvenile, Eviction, Environmental)
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Family Court (Types of Court Records – Family, Juvenile)
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Magistrate (Types of Court Records – Misdemeanor, Civil under $7500, Small Claims, Eviction, Ordinance, Traffic)
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Municipal (Types of Court Records – Misdemeanor, Ordinance, Traffic)
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Probate (Types of Court Records – Probate, Estate, Marriage)
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Family (Types of Court Records – Juvenile, Domestic)
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Is The Public Allowed To Obtain Court Records In South Carolina.

Essentially, all court of law reports in South Carolina are accessible to the public, whether it be a traffic citation case or possibly a criminal trial. There are exceptions to this policy; for instance if an individual involved in a judicial case requests that their file be filed “under seal,” hence keeping it from being public record. Even so, a judge won’t permit this request unless the reasons behind it are regarded as sound and significant.

What Does A South Carolina Court Clerk Actually Do.

The South Carolina Clerk Of Court departments are responsible for storing records of the activities and processes in court. Their job is an essential part of the Judicial System that gives written documentation (proof) of every process in a court hearing. The Clerk Of Court must also sustain all reports and administer all oaths to witnesses and jurors.

How To Search For South Carolina Court Records On The Web.

Many courts provide online records in South Carolina. In that case, you can readily access certain information so long as you have an internet connection. Even so, there are still a few courts that do not grant online access to court records. The process for accessing a court record depends upon the state in which the record is stationed. The best approach to start is browsing through the state’s court website and searching for details on just how to gain access to court records.

Obtaining Copies Of Court Records 100% Free In South Carolina.

It’s not particularly hard in today’s day and age to gain admission to court records in the absence of having to pay a payment. In advance of accomplishing this, you need to have an idea of what type of court documents you are after. Free South Carolina court records are accessible in numerous counties if court information is viewed as a public record.

The Differences Concerning Criminal Court And Civil Court Reports In South Carolina.

A civil case customarily includes a private dispute involving two parties or institutions. In contrast, a criminal case takes place because of actions supposedly conducted by an individual considered a danger to the general public. There are significant variations between South Carolina criminal and civil law; nevertheless, there are areas that might overlap depending on the matter.