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Charleston inmate records are the documents detention facilities file for each inmate in a prison or jail system. These records contain information regarding the crimes committed by inmates, their sentences, and other relevant information.
These data are used by detention facilities staff to track and monitor inmate numbers and behavior.

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Charleston Resources.

Charleston Police Department (CPD Inmate Search)
180 Lockwood Dr, Charleston, SC 29403
Phone: (843) 577-7434

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
100 Broad St, #106 Charleston, SC 29401
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magistrate Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
995 Morrison Dr Charleston, SC 29403

Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center
3841 Leeds Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405

Naval Consolidated Brig – Charleston
1050 Remount Rd Ste 3107 Building 3107, North Charleston, SC 29445

Juvenile Detention Center
4350 Headquarters Road, Charleston, SC 29405

Charleston Inmate Search Online

If you need to look for inmate records, you have numerous alternatives for doing a Charleston inmate search. Searching online is one of the simplest methods. There are numerous websites that allow you to search for inmate records, and most of them are fairly user-friendly.
With the right database, just enter the name of the person you’re looking for, and you should be able to discover everything you need.
Another option is to call the local courthouse or the department of corrections in the state or county where the inmate is being held. They should be able to give you all of the information you require.

South Carolina State Prison VS Charleston Jail

Prisons incarcerate individuals convicted or condemned for more serious crimes, whereas jails house fewer individuals awaiting trial, sentencing, or other actions. Furthermore, inmates in prison are normally under the jurisdiction of federal or South Carolina state authorities, whilst inmates in Charleston jail are usually subject to the authority of local authorities.

South Carolina Prison Inmate Search

The first step in locating an inmate in a state prison is determining which state they are housed in. This is possible with nationwide commercial databases.
Once the prison has been determined, the inmate’s name or ID number can be used to find them. Other variables, such as ethnicity or gender, may also be useful. If the inmate cannot be located using the online search engine, it may be required to call the South Carolina prison and request further information.

Charleston Jail Inmate Search

If you’re seeking a Charleston jail inmate, your best choice is to look online. Many commercial websites provide databases to look up inmates by name or booking number.
Another option is to search the websites of the county clerk’s office or the sheriff’s office. If you are having difficulty locating an inmate, contact the jail.

Charleston Mugshots

Booking images of inmates are considered public documents and are available for research by anybody in Charleston SC. To view an inmate’s photo, contact the jail or prison where they are being kept and request a copy. Another option is to search the county’s jail records online for booking images.

Charleston Jail Log

A Charleston jail log is a public record of individuals who have been booked into the county jail. It contains the individual’s name, date of birth, race, gender, booking and release dates and times, bail amount, criminal charges, and case number. The jail log is updated daily and is available to the public.

Charleston Jail Roster

Most states maintain an online database of current inmates. A list of Charleston incarcerated inmates is available on the county sheriff’s office website. If the page does not show, call them.

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