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When conducting a background check, public Beaufort County criminal records are an indispensable resource. These records clarify an individual’s criminal history, aiding decisions about people. Access to public criminal records can be achieved through court systems or online services, each with distinct pros and cons.

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Regional Beaufort County Sc Criminal Records Databases

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
102 Ribaut Rd, Rm 208 Beaufort, SC 29902
Web Lookup
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magistrate Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
104 Ribaut Rd Beaufort, SC 29902
Web Lookup

Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO)
2001 Duke St, Beaufort, SC 29902
Phone: (843) 255-3200
Inmate Inquiry
Request a Report
Sex Offender Registry

Bluffton Police Department Downtown Substation
1264 May River Rd, Bluffton, SC 29910
Phone: (843) 706-4550
FOIA report

Beaufort County Court Records

To acquire criminal records in Beaufort County SC, one can check the court where the relevant case was adjudicated. The court’s clerk can provide record copies, usually for a charge. Additionally, various websites offer online access to such records.

Beaufort County Police Records

For insights into someone’s Beaufort County criminal background, police records are another tool. These documents typically hold vital details about a person’s criminal past.
To get them, work with the local police department where the individual resides or has previously lived. All departments preserve records of arrests and other interactions, generally accessible relatively easily.

Arrest History

In the U.S and Beaufort County SC., arrest records are regarded as public information. While certain restrictions exist, these records are typically available to the public. Reasons for requesting arrest records vary: some might be looking into family histories, while others are trying to determine if a friend or relative has been detained.

Inmate Lists

Consider looking at inmate records to determine if someone has been convicted of a crime and did time for it. Local Beaufort County jails, state DOCs, and federal prisons maintain inmate records.

Criminal Record Categorizations:


Infractions in Beaufort County SC are normally less serious than misdemeanors or felonies and often deal with fines. In certain situations, particular infractions may lead to an arrest. For instance, while disorderly conduct might be labeled an infraction, it can cause an arrest.


Beaufort County misdemeanors include a variety of offenses, with offenses like petty theft and duis being widespread. Depending on the crime’s seriousness, repercussions can range from fines to jail time. Previous convictions or the gravity of the misdemeanor can raise it to a felony status.

Beaufort County Felony Records

If you believe someone has a Beaufort County felony conviction, numerous techniques can verify your suspicions. Public records, court documents, or online searches are practical paths. Public court records are recommended: contact the courthouse that dealt with the case.

Records of Sexual Offenders In Beaufort County

To access your state’s or Beaufort County SC sex offender registry, check the official state government website. The majority of states have an incorporated search feature to find the registry. Furthermore, the county’s sheriff’s office may have its own local sex offender registry.

Dwi And Dui Incidents In Beaufort County

A detailed criminal background search can expose Beaufort County DUI arrests and convictions. Courts and DMVs will have records of such cases.

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