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Criminal records provide insights into an individual’s Aiken County criminal history and convictions. Working with a couple of information sources is handy when performing criminal record checks. The best process is to use a private nationwide database as a pointer to local jurisdictions where you can access court records directly.

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Regional Aiken County Sc Criminal Records Databases

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Small Claims, Juvenile, Eviction)
109 Park Ave SE, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Fls Aiken, SC 29801
Web Lookup
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magistrate Court (Misdemeanor, Civil Under $7,500, Eviction, Small Claims, Traffic, Ordinance)
1930 University Pky, Ste 1500 Aiken, SC 29801
Web Lookup

Aiken County Sheriff Office (ACSO)
420 Hampton Ave NE, Aiken, SC 29801
Phone: (803) 642-1761
Inmate Search
Sex Offenders

Aiken County Court Records

Court records are accessible to the public and can be instrumental in Aiken County criminal record searches. There are two primary classifications: civil and criminal. While civil records document claims between parties or people, criminal records relate to specific offenses. Both can be beneficial in criminal record searches.

Aiken County Police Records

For a Aiken County criminal history check, police records are important. You can request these records under the Freedom of Information Act or directly approach your local sheriff or police department.

Arrest History

Numerous departments in Aiken County SC keep online databases of recent arrests where searches can be performed using names, birth dates, or other identifiers.

Inmate Lists

Inmate records can be used to check on associates or loved ones who might be incarcerated. These records can provide insights about the inmate’s status or sentence details.

Criminal Record Categorizations:


To access Aiken County infraction records, contact the court that managed the case. Many cities and counties have online databases for public record searches, including court records.


Misdemeanors in Aiken County SC, lower offenses than felonies, typically lead to fines and jail terms. They encompass different offenses: simple assault, minor theft, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and public intoxication. While misdemeanors are less severe than felonies, they still add to a criminal record.

Aiken County Felony Records

Felonies will appear during a criminal history search, which is considered the most serious crime classification. Sources for felony records include state police, courts, and private databases.

Records of Sexual Offenders In Aiken County

A Aiken County sex offender is somebody convicted of a sexual crime. Depending on the gravity of their crimes, offenders need to sign up with local law enforcement, which is available to the general public.

Dwi And Dui Incidents In Aiken County

Aiken County DUI, or “driving under the influence,” signifies driving impaired due to alcohol or drugs, which is a misdemeanor in most cases.

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